Bio-Chem Consulting Services (1980) Ltd. is an Analytical Consulting Laboratory that has been providing dependable and reliable Mycology (Mould and Yeast) Testing Services in Southern Alberta for over 30 years. During this time we have responded to the shifting demands of the industry and we currently offer a full range of testing services.

Indoor Air Quality Service Sector

We provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on the health and safety of your family, colleagues or clients. Whether you are a homeowner, concerned employee, employer or a Professional Consultant our services are tailored to each individual client.

We offer comprehensive testing packages, examples include the enumeration and identification of potentially harmful organisms, "Spore Trap" cassette (total spore and allergen) evaluations, viable spore (RCS) testing, and Direct (Microscopic) examinations

Indoor Air Quality

  • Viable Mould
  • Viable Bacteria
  • Total Fungal Spore Analysis
  • Airborne Allergen Testing

  • Water

  • Potable (Drinking) Water (eg. well water, distribution system water, beverages)
  • Recreational Water (eg. pools, lakes, rivers)
  • Industrial Water (eg. process water, cooling tower water, production water)

  • Soil

  • Agricultural
  • Waste/Reclamation